The Sheikh’s Captive Love

Seeking refuge from the hot, dusty streets of Al-Duyan, the small middle-eastern nation she calls home, Sophie Smith retreats into a movie theatre for some home comforts. After an altercation however, she finds herself bound, hooded, and abducted, all while the sound of gunfire blazes!

After it all dies down she’s finally unhooded, to find herself gazing into the eyes of Sheikh Ayman Al-Zebayat, the nation’s monarch-in-hiding. Learning that she got herself caught up in an assassination attempt, she’s then told that for her own safety – and that of the Sheikh – she won’t be allowed to leave his compound…

Even kept captive as his ‘guest’, Sophie can’t deny her attraction to the gorgeous, hunky Sheikh, but knows she can’t stay there. Conflicted between feelings for her handsome and sensitive captor, and an unrelenting desire for freedom, Sophie must find a way out, and overcome the dark forces that seek to kill them both. One thing is certain: even love that blossoms in the shadows can find a way…

This is a stand-alone romance from Lara Hunter, with added touches from Holly Rayner. It is sweet, clean, and features a guaranteed HEA.

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