Hassan: The Bad Boy Sheikh’s Baby


I’ve been given a job to do. Tasked with finding Hassan Al-Khali, heir to the throne of Al-Harrari, I’d wondered why his worrisome parents had come to me, the only female private detective in town. Finding a trail of broken hearts and broken promises, Hassan wasn’t difficult to track down, but he’s far from the crown prince I’d expected…

Effortlessly charismatic, delicious muscular, artfully tattooed, and devilishly handsome, I instantly knew this was a job like none other, and it only took one night for me to abandon every modicum of professionalism I held dear. Now, I’ve seemingly no chance of reuniting him with his parents, the rich and powerful rulers of Al-Harrari, and worse, I think I might be carrying his child…


They call me ‘the Sheikh’ – a reluctant prince, a near outlaw – and now I’ve got this hot private eye on my case. She ain’t convincing me to return to that life, but there’s something about her that I can’t ignore.

Little does she know, I’ve got myself into some trouble down here; some bad people are gunning for me, and I just hope she doesn’t get caught in the crossfire…

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