The Sheikh’s American Baby

As a student of archaeology, Lucie Milligan has always dreamed of visiting Al-Brehoni, a Middle-Eastern country steeped in rich history and tradition. Now, given the opportunity to finish her PhD, she finally can…

After a sandstorm ends any hope of getting some work done on day one, she’s welcomed instead to the palatial home of Al-Brehoni’s monarch and ruler, Sheikh Abdul al Syed bin Rahji. Lucie is thrilled to discover that he’s far from just a gorgeous face and an important title, and as the two get better acquainted, they fall into each other’s arms in a night of passion Lucie could never have dreamed of, let alone planned!

Months later, Lucie realizes she’s pregnant, and has no doubt about who the father is. She resolves to travel to Al-Brehoni at once, and tell the Sheikh the news. Little does she know that insidious forces are conspiring to keep them apart, and destroy their one chance to be a beautiful and united family…


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