The Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise

Sheikh Omar Fakim Al-Daqqa has a problem: as presumptive heir to the throne of Al-Thakri, the Middle-Eastern nation’s constitution demands that he must have a child in order to accede to the throne. Knowing that his power-hungry brother is desperate to usurp his throne and have a baby before him, Omar knows he must act quickly, and he already has a potential mother in mind…

Carrie Green is Sheikh Omar’s personal physician, and she’s quickly growing disillusioned with life in Al-Thakri. Wishing to travel the world and put her skills to better use, she needs a way out. However, when the Sheikh makes her a scandalous offer – an outrageous sum of money to have his child, and as quickly as possible – Carrie cannot turn him down.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Carrie has long harbored feelings for her gorgeous Sheikh employer, but she soon encounters second thoughts. Can Carrie really go through with it, and become pregnant by royalty?


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8 thoughts on “The Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise

  1. The sheikh made the right decision to be with his family, but his brother wouldn’t give up his fight for the throne, and in the end he got it with conditions. This book was a wonderful read.

  2. The sheikh got his sons, but his brother dug deep to find the document that stated ONE son, his brother tired of the fighting told his brother he can have it all with conditions. He just wanted Carrie and his boys to love and grow as a family. I loved this book

  3. I just finished reading “The Sheikh’s Twin Baby Surprise”. I really like the book until it came to the end. Even the bonus chapters did not help. Sajid should not have been made King. He should have given it back to his brother. Then you had him asking his brother to comeback. Give me a break. I hope your other bonus books in this series have a better ending then this. This could have been a real good book except for the ending.

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